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Golden Time


Second Class did a traffic survey in Ballytivnan Road today. Blue was the most popular colour car.

The Libary Helpers

5th Class have been busy helping Catherine and Dorata to reorganise the Library.

The book shelves were in a terrible mess.

We also helped to sort books by Author and Alphabetically.

Now our Library is much easier to use.


5th Class Decorating the Courtyard

We are busy in Room 10 making our Courtyard Colourful for Summer.

We planted some Seeds – Calendula Seeds, Lobelia Seeds and Marigold Seeds.

These are doing well and are nearly ready for replanting.

We hung Cd’s and colourful shapes.

We are also going to decorate our flower boxes with ornaments made from recycled cans and materials.





Collecting our 5th Green Flag!!


Today we went to the McWilliam Hotel in Claremorris to collect our 5th Green Flag for our project on Biodiversity


Our Biodiversity slogan is :
Let’s work together to make the world better.

Every pupil in St. Edward’s learned about plants and animals that grow and live in local habitats. We also made a bug hotel to attract natures wildlife into our school yard. With all our good work we were successful in achieving our Green Flag award.

In Claremorris we met other schools that had worked on the other Green Flag themes. There was a giant bumblebee mascot there to present us with our flag.

We had a great day and we are looking forward to working towards our next Green Flag.
Katelyn and Chelsea


First Holy Communion 2014

All the children in Second Class were invited to a party in the school hall after the First Holy Communion on May 10. A great time was had by all.

Maths and Science Adventure

We learned about the history of flight. Wilbur and Orville Wright were great inventors. We made paper aeroplanes and had a competition to see whose design would fly the longest distance. We measured all the distances and Umesh won first place.

Goodbye Aoife

Second Class said ‘goodbye’ to Aoife today. Aoife has been with us for a long time  and we are all sorry to see her go. We gave Aoife a card and a present to say ‘thank you’ and ‘good luck’.

Water experiment in senior infants

In senior infants we did an experiment to see what materials soaked up water. We had to predict firstly and then we recorded our results. We found that a sponge, cloth, newspaper and tissue would soak up water. Plastic and tinfoil didn’t. See some of our photos below!

1st Class Finding Shapes

First Class in the hall, Enjoying Fun based Lesson Finding the Correct Shape.

1st Class Finding Shapes 2014 1st Class Finding Shapes 2014

1st Class Finding Shapes 2014 1st Class Finding Shapes 2014

1st Class Finding Shapes 2014 1st Class Finding Shapes 2014

1st Class Planting

First Class Have planted Marigold Seeds and look how they’re growing.

1st Class Planting 2014  1st Class Planting 2014

1st Class Planting 2014 1st Class Planting 2014


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