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Sligo Academy of Music & School of Rock

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, some of the teachers from Sligo Academy of Music and the School of Rock came into St Edwards NS to give children from 3rd – 6th class a taster of classical and rock music and to give everyone ‘a go’ at playing some of the instruments that they teach.
We got to play the piano, the drums,the electric guitar,  the bassoon, the flute and the violin. Some of the instruments were easy to play and some were a little difficult. The drums were the most popular in 3rd class.

Sligo Academy of Music and School of Rock lessons take place from Tuesday – Saturday inclusive at St. Edward’s N.S.

Some of the children in St Edwards will be starting music lessons after Halloween.
It will be great fun.


Communication Project

In fifth class we did a project on Communication this term.

Teacher divided us into groups.

The topics were T.V, radio, telephone, computers, internet and the printing press.PRT55I[1]

Each group did their own research, typing, drawing and writing.

Our project was then put together in a scrapbook.

We really enjoyed doing the project.

We learned loads and can’t wait to bring it home to show it to our parents next term

 By Lily McGuinn


Maths Week in 5th class

For maths week we went to a maths show in the Clarion Hotel. We played maths games and other puzzles with

Children from other schools. It was brilliant!

By Jayne Anderson


Halloween fun in first class.

Halloween fun in first class.

Halloween fun in first class.


First class on their Autumn walk.


Athletics Fest 2013

Some children from children from 5th class were chosen to represent our school at the launch of the Athletics Festival in the I.T recently.

Don’t they look well?



Maths week in senior infants

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This week we had maths week in senior infants. We played lots of fun games including snakes and ladders, bingo and a number game where we had to use the words ‘more’ and ‘less’. It was great fun!




Fun times learning new skills.



Maths Week – Thursday’s Puzzle





Can you fill in the blanks??


Maths Week – 3rd Class Challenge

Here is the Wednesday maths challenge from 3rd class.

Funky 15

For this puzzle it is a good idea to have a set of 0 to 9 cards.

If you haven’t got any don’t worry ­ just jot down the numbers 0 to 9 on a

piece of paper and cut them out.

0  ,  1  ,  2  ,  3 ,   4 ,   5 ,   6 ,   7  ,  8 ,   9

How many ways are there of making 15 by adding three cards?

(Don’t forget to use the nought card!)


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