Month: January 2013

This week is Catholic Schools Week. Yesterday, we celebrated Grandparents Day. For homework last night, teacher asked us to write a poem / story / prayer / song about Grandparents. Here is some of our work.

A Prayer for Grandparents

I pray for my grandparents Jack, Bernadette, Martin and Maura.
I thank God for having such great grandparents.
I say a special prayer for my granny Bernadette who passed away last year.
She was very special to me and I miss her.
May she rest in peace. Amen

By Cathal

My Grandparents
My nanny’s name is Eileen.
My Grandad’s name is Joseph.
My nanny lives in St Joseph’s Terrace.
My granddad lives in Hawaii.
I love my nanny and granddad loads,
As much as they love me.

By Abbi

Grandparents Prayer

A Prayer for My Grandad in Heaven.

To my grandad in Heaven, I really love you so,
I’m writing this prayer just to let you know
I know I never had the chance to meet you but I really wish I had
Because you are my grandparent, my lovely Grandad.

By Kaitlin

Grandparents Poem

I have wonderful grandparents,
Nanny and Grandad Keaney.
They love me and I love them.
They always remember my birthdays and I try to remember theirs.
I know they’re old but you can still have fun with them.

By Rachel

My Granny and Grandad

My Granny and Grandad, what a funny pair!
My Grandad falls asleep on his favourite chair,
My Granny makes a shout and my Grandad wakes up and says “who’s there?”
My Granny would laugh and say “you silly man, you were snoring too loudly” and my Grandad would say “I didn’t hear a thing”. Granny would say “you were the one snoring so how could you hear”.
That’s why my Granny and Grandad are such a funny pair.

By Megan 

To Granny Mary

I love you Granny Mary. I love the way you hug me and I love the way you kiss me. I love the way you take care of Granny Josie but most of all I love you.

From Josh


To Granddad Paul

You and my Granddad Bobby and Granddad Eugene are the best Granddad’s ever and this is for you. I love the way you take care of me. I like when you feed me and let me stay here sometimes and the way you give me money for ice cream.

From Josh


Grandparents Day

I used to stroll along the path with my Granddad and go to a shop near by. We would get a can of coke, chewing gum and a cup of tea but now them days are over. He died from an accident but I’m okay. I have my parents and nannies to love me and that’s all I have to say.

By Preya


Why I like Grandparents

I like Grandparents because I think they are really cool. They tell you stories from long ago. You can have lots of fun playing board games with your grandparents. If I were to talk to my grandad again I would ask him how many degrees is it over there inNigeria.

By Joan

My Granny

Last year my granny gave me money.

I went to see my granny in Latvia.

I had to stay with my granny in Latvia because my mum went to get a job in Ireland. Sometimes I call her on SKYPE.

By Daniels

My Nan

MyNanis the best

She lives in theNorth West

Her house is very big

She’s got a lovely wig

But got a 0 in her driving test

By Lauren


To My Grandparent

You are the best grandparent in my life

You always buy me ice cream and other stuff

That’s why you’re the best

By Mohammed

Art in Room 12


During art class, 6th class made sea creatures from clay. First we looked at pictures of sea creatures. We then chose our favourite creature and we drew a sketch of it. Valerie gave us an amount of clay to make our sculptures. We warmed the clay by rolling it on the desk. Next we shaped our chosen sea creature by pinching the clay. We used lollipop sticks to mould fins and tails into our sculptures. We used blunt pencils to create eyes. Finally they were left on the windowsill to harden.

The following week we painted them .When the paint dries we will cover the clay sculptures with varnish. This will protect the paint and prevent it from pealing off.

Making Shadows in Junior Infants!

Last week in Junior Infants we made shadows. We used small torches and made the room as dark as we could by turning off the lights and closing all the blinds. We also had to draw some of the shadows we made. It was great fun. Here are some photos.


RM 4 ready for bed ……..but all for a good cause

The children in RM 4 including Dorothy and Ms Davey came to school in their pyjamas .

We had fun, games and bedtime stories .

We all brought €1.This money will be donated to a charity .Thanks to everybody who supported.

By Kacey and Ross


Lough Gil Lions Reward Trip

Lough Gill lions were the SELECT team winners from last term .

They were very excited when they heard Mrs.McGowan on the intercom last Wednesday, telling them the time had come for their reward .

All Lough Gill Lions assembled in Room 9 , where they met a lady called Mary .

They painted ceramic plates with her .Everyon took part and loved it.Thanks Mary!!

After that,Everyone enjoyed pizza and ice-cream .Great fun was had by all!

Well done lough Gill Lions .




January Maths Question

I have 10-cent, 5-cent and 1-cent coins in my

money box.

If I open the box and take out just three

coins, how much money could I have?

Remember they might be a mixture of 1c, 5c and 10c or they might be two 1c coins with one 5c coin. There are many different possibilities. Maybe if you draw the coins it might help you to figure out the answer

Send your answer to the office by Thursday 31st of January. Show how you solved this and remember to include your name!



Itchy feet in First class

First class took part in a drumming class called Itchy feet .

We really enjoyed it .

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