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December in Senior Infants

Our School Crib was assembled by Johnny, our caretaker. It was our job to carefully place the Shepherds, The Three wise Men, Mary and Joseph, the cow and the donkey into the crib.
Because we were working so hard this month, we earned ‘Golden Time’and got to make hot chocolate. We really enjoyed watching the marshmallows melt in our drinks, and of course drinking it!
In Art, we made a Santa stick puppet, a reindeer and an advent wreath.

Parents Computer Course

Congratulations to all the parents in St Edward’s NS who completed an internet safety course.


Christmas art

We’ve been very busy making Christmas decorations in Room 4 .Here are pictures of some of them .

We really enjoyed samba drumming too. It was a nice treat .

by Charlie

Show and tell in Room 4

Last week Preti and Preya gave us a taste of life in Bangladesh .

They brought in some beautiful handmade clothes and jewellery .

The girls also showed us some nice foods from their country .

We saw sun-dried mango and a type of olive pickle .

The girls also showed us the traditional biscuit cake .

It was very interesting.


Christmas Cookies

On Monday,17th of December, fourth class made delicious Christmas cookies .They were very easy to make .

Ingredients: 1 packet of cookie mix, 1 egg, 250g butter and 7 ml of water .

Method: 1. First of all,pour the contents of cookie mix in a bowl.

2. Next ,crack an egg into the bowl and add the butter .

3, After that, mix the ingredients into a ball of dough .

4. Roll  out the dough

.Choose a cookie cutter and cut out cookies .

5.Finally ,cook in preheated oven for 12 minutes .

5.Cool and enjoy!!!

Icarus,the boy who flew too close to the sun

We read a Greek legend about a boy called Icarus.He  flew too close to the hot sun with wings made of wax .Can you guess what happened?

We hope you like our art display based on this sad tale .

Shadow Puppets

Did you know that a shadow is made when an object which doesn’t let light shine through it gets in the way of the light ?!

We make our own shadow puppet theatres in fourth class and did a puppet show based on the story of the Billy Goats Gruff .

It involved lots of careful cutting,sticking and remembering the story but all the hard work was worth it.

It was great fun !

Students from Sligo IT

For the last seven weeks our school was very lucky to have students from Sligo IT helping us with our school work.

In 6th class Emma and Daniel helped us with our maths. Daniel supported and encouraged us with our tables. We revised all our multiplication tables so they would stay fresh in our minds. We played tables games and answered worksheets.

Emma guided us in solving maths puzzles and problems in groups. Everyone in the group was given a clue and by working together we were able to solve the puzzle.

We really enjoyed working with the students. Maths on a Wednesday was really good fun.

We want to say thank you to all the students who worked with us. We really appreciate all they did for us.
By Katelyn Candon.

Christmas in Room12

In room 12 we have been learning about Charles Dickens. He wrote many stories such as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. We  have created a photstory  based on  A  Christmas Carol.  We hope you enjoy it.

A Christmas Carol 





Making Bird Feeders

Last week, Mr. Maye told us that we can bring in pieces of old bread and nets that we don’t need because we were going to make bird feeders.

Lots of people brought old onion and fruit nets and bits of crusty, old bread for the birds.

We blended all the food and put them in a bowl.

Then we cut up the fat and teacher boiled it on the cooker.

Then we mixed in the fat with the bird food.

Once the food was sticky enough we put them in the nets.

After a while we hung them outside for our feathery friends.

We had lots of fun.

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