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Mobile Disco in 2nd Class

Sherin Roy wrote about a science experiment we did in 2nd Class. She also drew a great diagram and put labels on it.

First Class School Mapping

This week some of first class went on a mapping adventure in the school. We discovered lots of parts of the school that we never knew about.

We loved looking in the Suaimhneas room where there are lots of relaxing things. Our caretaker Johnny’s room showed us the things he uses when he is working really hard to keep our school in its great condition.

We even got to see the staff room where all the adults go to relax!

See can you pick out the different areas we are mapping, from our pictures.

A colour hunt by Junior Infants!

On Wednesday November 20th Junior Infants went on a colour hunt. The class were divided into teams. Each team was given a colour bag and asked to find things that match that colour. When we looked at the bags there were leaves, grass, petals, stones and lots of other things in them. Our teacher also took photos of things of different colours around our school. See if you can recognise any of them!

The Crocus Project


Last week sixth class began working on the Crocus Project.                                                                                                                                         First we made a stencil of the shape of the Star of David. That morning we went to the courtyard beside room 5. We pulled out all the weeds and turned the soil over with our hands. Everyone wore gloves.

Next we put the stencil on top of the flower bed and sprinkled flour on the outside of the stencil. When we took off the stencil it left the shape of the Star of David on top of the soil.                                                                                                                                                               Finally we planted yellow crocus bulbs at the edge of the star. We also planted Dwarf Daffodils, Anemones and Dwarf Tulips in the boxes around the main box. We can’t wait until the crocuses grow in spring.

We planted yellow crocuses in memory of the one and a half million Jewish Children that died during the Holocaust.                                The yellow colour of the flowers reminds of the yellow star that the Jews had to wear under the Nazi rule.

The flowers also remind us that there is hope for the future.


Sligo Rovers Joseph Ndo Plants Tree

On Friday the 9th November, Joseph Ndo and members of the Sligo Rovers backroom team came in to St Edward’s NS to show all the children the magnificent Airtricity League Cup which they won a few weeks ago.
This is the first time since 1977 that they won the league cup.
As well as displaying the trophy, Joseph was delighted to plant a new willow tree in our yard. We decided to plant a willow tree because it is a tree which becomes a habitat for many different species of minibeasts. We are learning all about biodiversity and habitats, and the green school committee felt this would be a good choice of tree.

Well done Calry/St.Joseph’s hurling club

Well done to our local hurling club Calry/St.Josephs!

They won the Connacht final last Saturday .They beat Skehana of Galway by a point.

Keith Raymond ,who used to be a pupil of this school scored the winning point.

My Uncles Billy and David also play on this team.They are past pupils of St.Edwards too.Hopefully they do well in their next match in England.

I go to hurling training every week with this club. I hope that some day I will play in a Connacht final .Well done lads from all in St.Edwards .

By Nathan McArdle

Science Week in Room 4

This week we were very busy doing lots of science

in room 4. It is science week. Some children in our

class went to the Science Fair in the I.T. On Sunday.

It was fantastic. We even got to write our names on

an ogham stone. We are making our own periscope

in class as well

By Preti, Rm 4.

Sligo Rovers visit St.Edwards NS

Last Friday,9th November,Joseph Ndo and some of his team members came to school with the cup.

Joseph comes from Cameroon in Africa where a lot of people have eye problems.

A lady called Roisin from a charity called Sightsavers also came talk to us about her charity .Sightsavers help many people with eye problems each year.

Joseph told us a bit about his country and then helped us to plant a willow tree .

Some people even got autographs .Thanks for visiting us Sligo Rovers !!

By Troy,Megan ,Preti and Katelyn .



November Maths Problem

Clue: Read the whole problem, including the entry instructions.

A rabbit falls into a dry well, thirty metres deep. She is not hurt and decides to climb out. When she tries to do this she finds that after going up three metres (and this is the sad bit) she slips back two. Frustrated, she stops where she is for that day and tries again the following morning – with the same result. She manages to climb 3 metres but falls back 2 metres. The good news is that she does eventually manage to get out. Can you figure out how many days does it take her to get out of the well?

Send your answer on a sheet of paper to the office by November 19th. With your answer show how you solved the problem. Did you draw a picture of the deep well to help you? Maybe you didn’t draw a well, but drew a line to represent the depth of the well. Do not forget to put your name on your answer sheet.

On Wednesday 17th October, an Active Play workshop was run in St Edwards National School for the parents of Senior Infant pupils.

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