Month: September 2012

Fun science in Room 4

 We made model lungs in class. Here are some pictures of how we did it:

What you need:

A plastic bottle ,two balloons ,plastic tubing, plasticine,string.



Making Rice krispie Buns

Last Friday for golden time 4th class made yummy rice krispie buns!

Megan was our photographer. Here are some of her fantastic pictures.


We are making photo stories with a partner about our cooking.


Little Devils

1st Class Parents Meeting

Parents of first class pupils met with their childrens’ teacher, Miss Lynn this morning for an information meeting.

Today, Charlie Harrison, the  captain of the  Sligo Senior GAA team was in our school teaching us how to play gaelic football. We had great fun.

September Maths Question

Since Sligo Rovers are doing so well in the league, we will start this year with a soccer theme.

Fact: A soccer ball is heavier when used on a wet day, than in dry conditions.

Solve this.

The ball weighs 450g in dry conditions. If it increases by 10% in weight when the weather is wet for a game, what weight would it be?


Get those Rovers fans in your family to help you solve this one.

Write your answer and your own name on a sheet of paper and leave it into the office by Monday 24th.

The Bit o' Red

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