Month: May 2012

Cycling Workshop

Our bike shed full with our bikes

Getting Ready

Cycling Workshop
On Wednesday 3rd May, two cycling coaches from Sligo Youth Sport West came into our school. They taught us about cycling safety and showed us some cycling skills.

First of all the coaches checked all our bicycles. They looked at our tyres to make sure there was enough air in them and then our brakes to make sure we could stop safely.
After that they checked our helmets. The helmets needed to fit properly and they had to be secure on our heads.

After that we cycled around the school. Then the coaches showed us some cycling skills and we cycled around cones out on the school yard. As we got better and better the coaches made the spaces between the cones shorter, the shorter the distance the better control of the bike you need.

We really enjoyed our cycle workshop. We learned a lot about cycle safety and we enjoyed all the new cycling skills that we learned.

Fundraising in Room 12



During Lent the pupils in 6th class collected money for a local charity.

Teacher got a large plastic container and we decided to attempt to fill it with copper coins. Every day some of us brought in a selection of coins.

Just before our Easter holidays we sorted the coins, counted and bagged them. We discovered we had raised 132.20 euro.


The local charity we choose to donate the money to was Sligo Social Services. Sinéad, their fundraising coordinator, came to our school and we presented her with the cheque.

She explained that that money will be spent locally to help out people or families in need.

Floating and Sinking

In Science we tested lots of different objects to discover if they would float or sink.  First, we had to predict the outcome first.  Then we tried to come with reasons why some items floated and others sank.

Active Schools Week

Senior  Infants did lots of fun activities during Active Schools Week.  We did an orienteering activity in the hall where we worked in teams to match the correct shape under the cones to the ones  on our card.  As well as that, we all learnt how to draw the hopscotch game.  We practiced this in the classroom first and then made  our own hopscotch with chalk in the yard.  Even our parents and grandparents used to play this game!  It was great fun!

Celebrating 40 years of Calry/St.Josephs GAA club

Active children in Room 4 during Active week










Third and Fourth class attend Gaelic Blitz in IT during Active School Week

Maths Treasure Trail

Maths Treasure trail

On Thursday 3rd May, 5th and 6th class did a maths treasure trail.
We did this because we wanted to learn maths in a fun and active way for Active School Week.

First everyone in our class was put into groups. We were given a clipboard and an answer sheet. We had to find the symbols on our sheet and match them to the symbols on the cones that were spread out on the football pitch. When we found the right symbol we looked under the cone to find a maths question. We answered the question as quick as we could and then ran to find the next symbol. When we answered all the questions we were finished. The quickest team got the most points but points were also given points for answering the maths questions correctly.

It was great fun and a good way to revise our maths.

Hurling in first class

We have been learning hurling skills in first class every friday with Benny.

We love playing hurling and hope to do more in second class.


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