Month: April 2012

Cycle for Change

Cycling Workshop
Next week, 30th April to the 4th May is Active School Week in our school. The children will be taking part in extra physical activities. We will be highlighting the importance of exercise, keeping fit and the fun that can be experienced through sports.

As part of this week, Coaches from Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership will be coming into the school on Wednesday, 2nd May to present workshops on Cycling. They will be teaching the children about the benefits of cycling but more importantly how to keep safe while cycling.

These workshops are free and places are limited. Places will be given first to children who will be able to bring their bike and their helmet to school with them on Wednesday morning.

The workshops are also open to parents. You can take part with your children at the times stated below:
2nd to 4th Class – 10am to 11am
5th & 6th Class – 11am to 12pm

Application Forms will be given out in school this week.

Active School Week

Active School Flag

Get ready for our Active School Week starting 30th April to the 4th May

Busy Breaks

On Friday the 20th of April students from Sligo IT came into our school to show us some exercises that we can do in our classroom.
Exercising is very important as it increases our heart rate and keeps us fit and healthy. After exercising we are able to concentrate more on our lessons.

We started the exercises with some stretches to make sure our muscles were warmed up. Then we did some hopping , jumping, waving and punching exercises. These increased the rate of our heart. After this we finished of with some cool down exercises and stretches. It was great fun and we felt full of energy after it.
By Jorja & Rebecca

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