Month: March 2012

March Maths Puzzle

It was Paul’s birthday and he went to the pet shop and bought a gold-fish. A very special gold-fish. The pet shop owner told him that the goldfish needed exactly one litre of water in the bowl.

No more – no less!


Now Paul has a problem as he can only find two containers at home, with measurements of them. One container holds 4 litres and the other hold 7 litres.

How can Paul use these two containers to put exactly 1 litre of water into the fish bowl for the very special gold-fish?


St.Patricks Day Workshop at the library

Our trip to the library

On Tuesday morning,13th March, me and my class ,Ms .Carr and Miss Davey went to the library .

When we got there we made St.Patricks badges for St. Patricks Day .

When we were finished we read some books from the shelf.

After that ,we said goodbye and walked over The Hill. I saw my niece and I said hello to her . When we arrived back to school it was lunch time .By Gregory

First of all we walked down to the library .

The man told us we were making traditional St.Patrick’s Badges.

It was great fun making them .We used felt ,ribbon and paper .

We showed each other our lovely work .

Finally ,we walked back to school .

By Annie


On the 13th of March ,we went to Sligo Library to make St.Patrick’s badges .

Tom,from theMuseumOfCountrylife ,helped us along the way .

It was a long walk to the library but it was worth it !

By Craig .


St. Patrick’s Day Fairy Cakes

In Cookery Club on Monday we made fairy cakes . We added green food colouring especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Follow our recipe below if you would like to try them at home.

St. Patrick’s Day Fairy Cakes

175g/6 tablespoons Self Raising Flour
125g/4 tablespoons Caster Sugar
125g Margarine (half a block)
2 Eggs
2 tablespoons cold Water

To decorate
Green food Colouring
Hundreds and Thousands; Cherries; Candied Jellies

a bowl and wooden spoon
a electric mixer (optional)
paper cases & a bun tray
a wire tray for cooling

1.Ensure oven is fully preheated to 200°C, Gas 6.
2. Put bun paper cases into bun tins.
3.Put the flour, sugar, margarine, eggs and water into a bowl. 4.Beat all the ingredients together with an electric mixer or wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth.
5. Add green food colouring.
6.Put heaped teaspoons of the mixture into each bun case.
7.Place in the oven on the top shelf and bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown.
8.Cool on a wire tray. When cold, spread green icing on the top and add your favourite topping.

WEEE – Our Talk on Recycling Batteries.


On Monday 12th March, Brenda came to our school to talk about the importance of recycling batteries and electrical products i.e. TVs, playstations toasters.

First, Brenda introduced Mr.Sparky. Mr.Sparky likes it when we recycle batteries. We got big blue boxes from WEEE Ireland to put our old batteries into at school. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

When the boxes are full we can call WEEE Ireland and they will collect them. They will bring them to their recycling plants where they will be put into machines to break them up into smaller pieces. It is important to recycle batteries and electrical products as if they are put into our bins for the landfill they can damage the soils around them. The recycled products can be used to make more new batteries that we need in our homes.

In our school we can bring in old batteries and we will collect them for recycling.

Cooking for St Patrick’s Day

175 g / 6 spúnóg Odlums Féin Ardú Plúr
125g / 4 spúnóg siúcra Caster
125g Margairín (leath bloc)
2 Uibheacha
2 spúnóg Uisce fuar
a mhaisiú

Céadta agus na mílte; shilíní; glóthacha candied;

Beidh ort freisin
babhla agus spúnóg adhmaid
a meascthóir leictreacha (roghnach)
cásanna páipéar & tráidire Bun
tráidire sreang do fuaraithe

1.Tá oigheann réamhthéite. Cas ar an toigheann go dtí 200 ° C, Gáis 6.
2.Ansin, chur isteach i gcásanna páipéar Bun Bun stáin.
3.Cuir an plúr, siúcra, margairín, uibheacha agus uisce isteach i mbabhla. Measc na comhábhair mar aon le meascthóir leictreacha nó spúnóg adhmaid go dtí go bhfuil an meascán go réidh.
4.Cuir an mheascáin i ngach cás Bun.
5.Cuir san oigheann ar an seilf barr agus bhácáil ar feadh thart ar 15 nóiméad go dtí go donn órga.
6. Nuair atá siad fuar, maisigh leis an reón.


Hurling in St Edward’s

3rd Class, along with 1st & 2nd classes, have started hurling training on Fridays for 10 weeks.
We are really enjoying it.

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