Month: February 2012

Protest March

We sent a message to the Government yesterday, that the people of Sligo want a decent primary education for their children, regardless of whether they are living in rural or urban areas.

 Well Done! to the hundreds of people who marched.

 St. Edward’s NS parents, pupils, past-pupils, friends, grandparents, BOM and staff were out in force.

 Education Matters!

Invest in education. Our children are the future of this country!



Protest March

School Re-opens after Midterm Break

Midterm Break

Catholic Schools Week in Room 12

During Catholic Schools Week we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day and Grandparents Day. St.Brigid is the female patron saint of Ireland and her feast day is on the 1st of February. It is traditional to make a St. Brigid’s cross on this day. We made crosses using rushes. In the beginning they were difficult to make so we worked in pairs which made it much easier.

On Thursday 2nd February we celebrated Grandparents Day. We wrote reports about our Grandparents and why they are important to us. We made sunflowers using felt and put a photograph of our Grandparents in the centre. We have created a beautiful display in our classroom.


February Maths Puzzle



Tilly’s Transport Teaser

Tilly has a big problem. She needs to row her pet cat, Casper, her pet mouse, Marcy, and a year’s supply of cheese to the island where she lives.

However, she can only transport one thing at a time with her in the boat.

If she leaves Casper with Marcy, Casper will eat Marcy. If she leaves Marcy with the cheese, Marcy will eat the cheese. It doesn’t     matter which side of the water she leaves them—the result will be the same.


How can Tilly bring Casper, Marcy and the cheese to the island without any trouble?



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