Month: November 2011

Kelven the Magician

Kelven and his puppetsKelven the Magician

On Tuesday the 15th of November Kelven the Magician came to our school. He came to do a magic and a puppet show about recycling.

First, all the children went into the hall. Kelven was wearing a black long jacket. He taught us the Recycling Rap. It was ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle, yo!’

He explained that all our rubbish goes to a landfill if we don’t recycle it. Recycling helps our environment. We should try and reduce the amount of rubbish we use. When we can we should reuse things. He showed us a toy he made from old clothes.

Kelven had lots of puppets. They told us about recycling too. They were very funny. Kelven did magic tricks. He made small balls disappear and he changed rubbish into a banana.

Kelven was very interesting and very funny. We learned a lot about recycling.

By Leo McDonagh

Weather project in Room 4

In Room 4 we did a weather project. First we made a rain gauge to collect rain fall . We also made an anemometer to see how hard and fast the wind was blowing.Teacher showed us some thermometers .When you read temperature you do this in degrees celcius .


Did you know ….?

  • The celcius thermometer was invented by Andreas Celcius in 1742
  • He was fromSweden.
  • He was an astronomer .

We predicted the weather each day using the Met.Eireann website and recorded what the weather was really like the following day .We did some fun experiments like a tornado in a bottle and a cloud in a bottle .

 Did you know ….?

There are three types of cloud

  • Stratus-grey rain clouds
  • Cumulus –white ,cotton wool clouds
  • Cirrus-wispy ,hair clouds

 We really enjoyed doing this project and learned lots!!

 By Dean, Elijah and Dominic

How many squares can you make by joining the dots?

 How many squares can you create in this figure by connecting any four dots? Each dot can be used more than once.

Note:  The corners of the square must lie upon a grid dot.


Halloween Dress-Up Day

On Friday before our mid-term break we had a Halloween Dress-Up Competition.

We all gathered in the hall where we each got a chance to show our costume to the rest of the school. Our teachers dressed up too. There were some fantastic costumes! Our parents also came to see us dressed up and we sang “The Skeleton Stomp” for them. We had a great day!


Is English your second language

Is English your second language?

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Help your children with Irish!

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