Month: May 2011

Our Visit to Abbott Factory

                                         Our Trip to Abbotts

Today we went on a trip to Abbotts .First we went to the reception and a man called Dominic took us to a room and showed us a power point about Abbotts .

 Then when he was finished a lady took us to a room called the clean room .In the clean room we put on a hair net, a jump suit and goggles .Next we washed our hands well and dried them .Then we went on a tour of the factory.

We saw lots of machines, robots and workers .As  we went to a different part of the factory we had to put on earplugs because there was louder machines in there .

When the tour was finished we went back to the clean room and took the hairnets, jumpsuits, goggles and earplugs off .We were allowed to bring them home with us .

We really enjoyed our visit .

By Dominik Jedrol

Visit by local historian

Today Joe Mc Gowan visited 5th class and taught us about the Spanish Armada, the Straw boys, Mummers and the Wren boys.

Did you know the wren is the king of all birds and not the eagle? 

Firstly we learned about the Spanish Armada and Francisco de Cuellar. Francisco had a tough time because if he got caught he would be executed. Some people helped him and some people betrayed him.

Secondly we learned about the Straw boys and the Wren boys. The Straw boys’ tradition is that they make straw hats and they only go to weddings. The wren boys put on disguises and have a wren in a cage. They go around houses on Saint Stevens Day. 

Finally we learned about the Mummers. The Mummers wear costumes and they do a little play about the old and the modern way of life. 

Joe Mc Gowan taught us a lot about the past and he explained it all very well and showed us a part of the Mummers play and he gave us treats.


Oisín in Tír na nÓg

In history we read the story of Oisín in Tír na nÓg.  We really enjoyed the story so we decided to animate it.  We made the characters in the story out of Plasticine.  We also made the background scene.  We had lots of fun using the digital camera, microphone and computer to make the animation.  Hope you enjoy it!

Oisín in Tír na nÓg

National Walk to School Day

Well done to all those parents and students who walked to school for National Walk to School Day. It was a great success with nearly 100 pupils either walking to school or doing Park and Stride. Park and Stride is when you live too far away to walk to school so you get a lift and walk part of the way.

WOW days.

National walk to school day is on Wednesday 18th May. Our Walk On Wednesday (WOW)day will be taking place. We are asking all those who can to walk to school on this day.

Bank Holiday- School Closed

Dissolving Boundaries Day

Non uniform Day for Trocaire

Room 4 recently held a non uniform day to raise money for Trocaire . Some people including Teacher wore their pyjamas .

We raised over fifty euros for Trocaire ,a very worthy cause .

Thanks to everyone who supported .

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