Month: April 2011

Happy Easter!

Some lucky children won Easter eggs in our Easter raffle in aid of Camara at assembly. Keelan from Senior Infants was the happy winner of the giant Easter egg hamper.

Our school closes today Friday 15th April for the Easter holidays and will reopen on Tuesday the 3rd of May.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Winners of the Easter Raffle

Making Giant Easter Eggs!

In fifth class we made Easter eggs using balloons, paper mache, newspapers, paint and a lot of pva glue! We used the courtyard to dry them and decorate them. We tied a ribbon around each of them and then added some designs. Some of them nearly  looked good enough to eat!

Easter Holidays – school closed

Science experiments in Room 4


In a recent  project we discovered just how important our feet are for balance, support and movement .

Some people say that taller people have a bigger shoe size .

 In Room 4 we decided to find out if this was true .We had great fun predicting  ,measuring , recording and graphing our results .

We found out that for many children  this saying is true .However , as we are all unique and individual , we had a few suprises and found that not all children in the class who were taller had a bigger shoe size !!

Astronomy Ireland visit Room 4

Astronomy Ireland

 Yesterday 4th class and 3rd class went to the library to learn Astronomy. A lady from Astronomy Ireland came to our school to teach 4th and 3rd class about planets, stars and galaxies. We learned about different planets and galaxies. She had a computer and showed us pictures of things about Astronomy.  Did you know that Uranus has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a recorded low of -224C? The Sun is a medium sized star, about 1.4 million kilometers (865,000 miles) across. It is 109 times the size of Earth and weighs 330,000 times as much as Earth .The average distance between Saturn and the Sun is over 1,400,000,000 km (9AU).Neptune has 13 known moons .there is a meteor shower in the 22nd of April at 10:00pm . Mars is half the size of Earth yet has only one tenth of the mass .a year on Jupiter lasts 11.86 earth years. Mercury is a bit over one third of the diameter of the Earth. The average temperature on Venus is 460’c, hotter than most ovens can reach! Earth has one moon. Earth is the only planet we know of that has liquid water on its surface. Almost 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.

                                      By: Ian Solano

Mothers Day Art In Room 12

We used old paper bags to make pretty gift bags for Mother’s Day. We decorated them with glitter, ribbon and sequins. We then made gift tags and wrote a note to our mums.  We sprayed tissue paper with perfume and put it in the bags. We hope our mums like them.

Trip to Water Treatment Plant

Pupils in 5th class went to Kinsellagh on the 23rd of March to a water treatment plant to see how water is cleaned before it’s pumped to our school.

First the man showed us where the water was collected in the DAFF tank. When the water is put in it is mixed with chemicals and this is called flocculation. Flocculation is where chemicals are mixed in the water so that the dirt comes tight together.

Next he turned on the scrapers to show us how the sludge was removed from the water.

Soon after we were brought to the lab to see how they monitor the chemicals used to make the water clean.Chlorine and fluorine were added and also some sort of poly to separate the dirt from the water. He told us that the sulphuric acid was added to the water but only the tiniest bit and it was well diluted.

It was an interesting day and I am glad I know where the water that I drink comes from and how it is made so clean.

Jorja, 5th Class.

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