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School Concert 2011

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Grandparents Day in Room 12

On the 2nd of February we celebrated Grandparents Day. We each brought in photographs of our grandparents. We made flowers and stuck the photographs in the centre. On the petals of the flowers we wrote reasons why our grandparents are special to us.

Great News!

Great News.

 We have just found out today that we have received our Green Flag for the work that we have done on the theme of travel.

Well done to the members of the Green School Committee and all those who have walked or cycled to school over the past year. We will be presented with  our Green Flag on the 8th March in Galway.


We were reading a book called Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. There were a lot of dark words. It was a very surprising story because you really did not know what was going to happen next. We did not know how it was going to end but then we got a really big surprise. But you’re going to have to read it to find out what happens!!! This is a word cloud of all the dark words we found.

If you want to make your own word cloud click here:

Emily, Oisin, Rvail

Dark Words Wordle

Our Dark Words Wordle

Open Day

i102-104 comes to St.Edward’s

Calum comes to school with i102 104fm

On Thursday Calum travelled to school in the i102104 van. We all heard him talking on the radio

Grandparents Day-February 2nd

In fifth class we created some acrostic poems about our grandparents. Here are just two of them:


N ever angry

A lways nice to me

 N ever stops spoiling me

N ever down in the dumps

Y es you are the best

Byron room 10


G reat at persuading people

R espectful to others

A great soldier

N ever gave up on anything

D id  what ever he could to help

A mazing

ogs were his favourite possession

Cameron Room 10


St Brigid’s Day 1st Class

Busy making St Brigid's crosses

First class celebrated St Brigid’s Day and Catholic Schools Week by making St Brigid’s crosses.


The volcano is erupting!

We made a volcano in science. First we made the mountain out of a basin, a jam-jar and black plastic. Then we put baking powder in the crater (jam jar). We added red-coloured vinegar. Whoosh!! The result was spectacular.

Ag Súgradh Le Chéile


Don't drop the ball!

Some parents and children from 3rd and 4th class took part in an Active Play Workshop in St. Edward’s school on Wednesday 26th January. The workshop encourages children to play more actively and gives parents some great ideas on how to promote this. In this way parents can encourage their children to enjoy a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Both parents and children enjoyed themselves and thanks to Esther Mooney who lead the workshop.

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